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Today there is a movement away from synthetic and mass produced skincare. Consumers are actively looking for ways to get back to what is real and good for themselves and their families. 

Consumers want a product they can trust and feel good about using and natural skincare is moving toward the top of the list. 

Skincare is not simply a cosmetic concern, but, rather a concern about the health and care of our skin - the largest organ of the body -  The skin forms a barrier to most substances and it is important to consider what these might be as we shop for our cosmetics, haircare, perfumes, aftershaves and skin care products.

It may be easier to appreciate why natural skincare is better for your skin and health when you discover the chemicals contained in commercially made products on the market today.

Commerically produced skincare often include mineral oil, petroleum jelly (or petrolatum), animal by-products and laboratory produced chemcials to extend shelf life. These ingredients are often used because they are 'cheap' and can over prolonged use remove sebum from the skin causing irritation, dry skin, eczema and allergies.

Today people are making informed choices such as organic and free range meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables, so why buy skin care products that contain petroleum, dyes, artificial fragrances and other unsafe ingredients that do not live up to their promises?

Using naturally derived ingredients, combined with naturally occurring carrier agents, preseratives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers can help prevent much of the premature aging and damage that plagues many people.

You can take some simple steps to limit what synthetic products you put on your skin by learning how to make your own natural skin care at home using naturally derived ingredients and Essential oils.

I run DIY Aromatherapy Workshops for small groups  and you will discover  -

  • What natural skincare is
  • What ingredients to use and what to avoid
  • Essential Oils & Recommended Dilutions
  • Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils
  • Recipes
  • Other Ingredients

You take home product made on the day  along with a detailed workbook and recipes and ideas.  

My DIY Aromatherapy Workshops can be held in your home for groups of a minimum of 8 people or monthly in Montmorency. 

It is a great way to bring together friends, family or anyone wanting to learn how to make their own natural skin care.  The workshop usually runs for approx 4 hours and is interactive, informative and fun!

Workshops coming in 2013

Baby Product Workshops


A few Skin & Lifestyle Tips 4 You

1  Keep your skin Hydrated by drinking plenty of filtered water. 

2  Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise daily

3  Exercise Daily 

4  Have a massage regularly

5  Body brush Daily (upward toward the heart)

6  Get plenty of sleep

7  Exfoliate regularly

8  Laugh, have fun daily

9  Eat Organic &  free range

10 Do a yoga or mediation class weekly



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