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Hand Mousse 30g
NEW! My wonderfully nourishing and moisturising hand cream now comes in 30g size with essential oils of Lavender & Bergamot. Great for carrying in your purse, keeping on your desk at work or on the bedside table
molluscum contagiosum
50ml blend specifically made as requested.
Organic Lavender Water
Lavender is wonderfully refreshing & calming. This facial & body spray is perfect for travel(spray onto face, wrists & feet) Spray onto sunburn, pillow at night, linen. It has many and varied uses.
Organic Rose Water
A toner is also known as a skin freshener. It helps cool, sooth and refresh the skin and it is used to remove traces of cleanser, redress the skin's PH balance and temporarily minimises pore size. Rose is great for all skin types, refreshing & cooling. Great for hot flushes. Spray onto face to set makeup!
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