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Aromatic Inhalers
Remember the old Vicks Inhalers? Now you can have your own therapeutic inhalers using pure essential oils. Sleep Promoter, Headache Ease and More,
Aromatic Skin Care Blends
My aromotic skin care blends are pure essential oils blended specificially to assist in many skin conditions. These blends are added to my base face cream made from natural raw and organic ingredients And/or my base facial serum which contains organic vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids and aiding tissue regeneration
DIY Skincare Workshop
Discover why using natural skincare is better for your skin, your health, our environment and animals
Essential Blends
100% Pure Essential oil blends for use in any workplace or home. 10ml amber bottle with swing tag
Eye Balm
This natural eye cream is very nourishing and will help hydrate the eye area. Penetrates easily and leaves skin feeling soft. It should be used sparingly
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