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Morning Motivation Blend  Start your working day with this invigorating blend.   Lime refreshes, uplifts and stimulates the mind. Eucalyptus aids concentration and purifies the air. Rosemary strengthens mental clarity.  

Energising Blend  Stay alert throughout the afternoon with this energising blend.  Basil maintains alterness. Bergamot is uplifting. Lemongrass is stimulating and Peppermint aids clear thinking.

Group Dynamic Blend  This blend is ideal for business meetings, team discussions or any time you want to enhance group communication, innitiative and co operation.  Atlas Cedarwood inspires confidence and harmony. Lemon is revivingand great for decision making. Ginger brings forth initiative, determination and completion, while Black Pepper strengthens endurance and resolve.

Concentration Blend This blend is ideal for periods of intense concentration, focus and productiviy and when you need to remain calm, centred and grounded. Atlas Cedarwood stills the mind. Geranium balances the mind and moods and Sweet Orange brings joy and optimism.

Harmonise Blend Use this blend in communal areas and staff rooms to enhance communication, connectedness and calmness.  Rosewood is uplifting and steadying. May Chang refreshes and relieves stress and anxiety and Black Pepper helps to remain connected.

Please familiarise yourself with contraindications for all essential oils before using. 

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