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Aromatic Skin Care Blends $27.50

Combination Skin Blend - this skin type is a mixture of dry skin with oily patches on the T Zone. This blend contains essential oils that can aid growth of skin cells, are analgesic, astringent and have a balancing effect on the skin

Mature Skin Blend - this skin type can by dry and lack moisture, developing wrinkles and lines.  Dull complexion with loss of skin elasticity & moisture.  In this blend I use essential oils that help promote cellular activity and growth, are healing and  balancing to the skin and have antiseptic and stimulating properties.

Sensitive Skin Blend - this skin type can be pale and senstive to cosmetics (burning sensation) and prone to irritation.  I use  essential oils that are antiseptic, balancing and encourage new cell growth in this blend.  Some of the oils have anti inflammatory and analgesic properites helping to sooth and calm the skin.

60g Amber Jar Cream $35.95

25ml Amber Bottle Serum $22.95

Some customer comments:

Eileen....I just love your face cream.  The sensitive skin blend I won't be going back to the others I have used in the past.  I am HOOKED.  Thanks so much         Amy

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