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We Offer Aromatherapy and Skincare in Melbourne.

Specialising in providing Aromatherapy Massage, Therapeutic Facials, Relaxation Massage and Accredited Cruelty Free Hand Made Natural skincare in Melbourne and the greater part of Australia.

Natural Skin Care is based upon using botanically sourced ingredients without the use of synthetic chemcials and manufactured in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. Finding skin care products that are pleasing to use and that work for your skin is fundamental. Making sure the product you are rubbing onto your skin on a daily basis is safe and free from harmful chemicals, preseratives and synthetic fragrances is also essential.  

With my accredited cruelty free skincare, it is not only my mission to provide a product that is respectful of animals and the environment, but, I am also mindful that when consumers choose a skincare product, it's not just about selecting one with good ingredients, it's also about choosing one with a high concentration of these good ingredients. 

I produce my products using organic raw ingredients (where possible), vegetable oils, waxes and butters, hydrosols, therapeutic grade essential oils, natural preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifying agents,vitamins, herbs & clays. 

I make my skincare in small batches, ensuring freshness. They are available online,  via email, telephone and also home parties. Orders can be mailed via Australia Post, delivered (depending on area) and pickp .

I also cater for customers with specific skin types or specific skin conditions and have had good results with creams and essential oil blends for different condtions.  Below are some comments from my satisfied customers  -

Eileen.... thank you so much for your wonderful face cream you made up for me, my skin has never felt better and I look forward to trying more of your products

My partner is a mechanic, working with oils and other substances not good for the skin, and ever since I have known him he has always suffered a psoriasis type rash on his hands to the point where he would stretch his hand and they would crack and bleed. We have tried everything on the market from hand creams, pharmacy recommended creams and even creams prescribed from the doctor.  It wasn’t until we tried Eileen’s natural hand cream that we saw a difference. The difference is amazing and we thank her for the difference the cream has made. Nick is now able to work comfortably again without being in pain all the time.  KR(Rowville)  see testimonial page for more satified customer responses

All of my handmade skincare products are vegetarian friendly and I ensure that my raw ingredients are sourced from suppliers that abide by the 'no aminal testing' policy.

WHY - pay big dollars for your skincare products when you can treat your skin naturally at an affordable price? 

Aromatherapy - so what it is?    Aromatherapy is the art and science of using plant oils in treatments to promote good health, increase wellness and help encourage healing.    Aromatherapists employ highly concentrated essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, roots, twigs and leaves etc that contain hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and antiseptics.  Aromatherapy can provide solutions to literally thousands of different conditions from muscular aches and pains, dry skin, headaches, stress, anxiety to boosting your concentration and more.

What happens during a Aromatherapy Massage?   Details are taken of your current health, medications, diet, lifestyle and your expectations of the treatment. This information enables me to treat you with oils chosen to suit your needs physically and emotionally at that time!

I suggest that you allow approx 1.5 hours for this first session with each subsequent session been approx 45minutes to an hour. 

As the most effective and commonly recognised method of application to get the essential oils into the body, a specialised massage technique is used (derived by Madame Margarette Maury) incorporating accupressure, lymphatic drainage and facial massage. Base oils (usually vegetable, nut or seed oils) are used to dilute the essential oils since the latter are too highly concentrated to be used directly on the skin.

Aromatherapy Massage is gentle, and can be particularly helpful for the following condtions - stress, headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems and a variety of other complaints. For some ailments, other methods of application can be more beneficial; some of these are inhalations for sinus problems/colds, application to the skin for eczema/psoriasis and footbaths for poor circulation in the feet.

At the end of your session, I ask for feedback on how you are feeling after the treatment and help you to come up with a plan for future treatments, if required.

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