Aromatic Workplace

The Aromatic Workplace 4 Your Health is a holistic approach for work related stress and illness.

Feeling tired, burnt out, too much work to do?  Using Essential Oils in the workplace provides a holistic approach for work related stress in any home or office.

'Stress'  in the workplace has become an increasingly hot topic in recent years and with the amount of time we spend at work is it surprising that stress and our working lives go hand in hand?

We've all experienced the effects of bright, harsh fluorescent lighting, heating and cooling systems that seem to work overtime or not at all, the smell of chemicals from white-out,  detergent, textas, industrial chemicals, other peoples perfumes, working at computers for lengthy periods, long hours and commuting, pressure of meeting deadlines, job insecurity and generally lack of breaks, exercise and sunshine. 

All of these issues contribute to our physical, mental and emotional stess levels leading to not only increased absenteeism, but also increasing employee turnover. 

Whether you work in retail, a office, a hospital, a school, from home or elsewhere, using Essential Oils provides a holistic approach to manage work-related stress. Essential Oils complement the workplace and provide a simple method of taking care of yourself, while also being beneficial in helping to reduce the symptoms of stress including mental fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety as well as symptoms associated with muscular tension.

Research has shown that inhalations of certain essential oils such as lavender can have an immediate effect in relieving and preventing stress in the workplace.

There are many therapeutic benefits of using essential oils in your daily life.

  • They can allieviate symptoms of stress and can bring a wide range of  advantages from uplifting you emotionally to healing you physically.
  • Cleansing the working environment with antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal     oils can help ward off illnesses that can be contracted by working in closed environments. 
  • Allergies, respiratory illnesses including colds and flu and other negative
    effects generated by heating and cooling can be reduced by using essential


Methods of  using Essential Oil Therapy at work

Essential Oil Massage  is a well known method that can bring relief from many symptoms of stress. It works on the autonomic nervous system.  However, it is not always possible to take time off during the working day to nurture yourself with this treatment. Other ways you and your employer can incorporate Essential Oil Therapy in the workplace on a daily basis are:

  • Electric Oil Vaporisers are safe and effective to use and will infuse the air with the scent of your chosen blend within minutes. Select an essential oil or a blend of essential oils and add 6– 8 drops.  Start the working day off this crisp & fresh blend that will help awaken the mind and body. May Chang 3drops, Sweet Orange 4drops and Rosemary 3drops.
  • Misting a floral water (hydrosol) around the face area is a great way to refresh yourself for the afternoon. Not only can you feel revived and refreshed but, it has the added benefit of adding moisture to the air.  Floral waters can be enhanced further by adding essential oils. Orange Flower or Lemon Myrtle would beneficial in the workplace.
  • Heating and cooling can have a drying effect on the skin.  A way of helping combat this would be to use a natural hand cream with lavender and bergamot is moisturising and soothing.   The lavender can relax you whilst the can help balance and regenerate the mind and lift the spirit.
  • A personalised pulse blend is a great way of using Essential Oils combined with either jojoba or sweet almond oil as a carrier.  For a long day at the office use this blend for strength and stamina: black pepper and rosemary or  basil, lemon and bergamot can help with brain fatigue and uplift the spirits.  Help soothe stress and strain with a blend of lavender and marjoram. Massage into the temple and forehead and pulse points.
  • A palm blend is a quick and efficient way for personal inhalation.  Add 1-3 drops of your chosen essential oil/s into the cupped palm of one hand and rub together with the other hand, cup both hands over your nose and inhale deeply.
  • NEW Aroma Stick remember the old Vicks Inhalers?  Now you can have your own theraputic inhalers using pure essential oils.  The inhalers are easy to use and can be refreshed with your chosen blend to the cotton insert at any time. Carry them in your purse, pocket, bag or when you travel.  Use them for headaches, to help calm you, stay relaxed, healthy and much more.


Blends for the workplace


Morning Motivation Blend - 10ml
Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of Lime, Eucalyptus and Rosemary

Start your day well with this invigorting blend.  Lime refreshes, uplifts and stimulates the mind;Eucalyptus aids concentration and purifies the air; Rosemary strengthens mental clarity

Energising Blend - 10ml
Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of Basil, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Peppermint

Stay alert throughout the day with this energising blend. Basil maintains mental alertness; Bergamot is uplifting; Lemongrass is stimulating and Peppermint aids clear thinking.  

Group Dynamic Blend - 10ml
Ingredients: 100% pure of essentials oils of Atlas Cedarwood
, Lemon, Ginger and Black Pepper

This blend is ideal for business meetings, team discusssions or any time you want to enhance group communication, initiative and cooperation.  Atlas Cedarwood inspires confidence and harmony, Lemon is reviving, Ginger brings forth initiative, determination and completion, while Black Pepper strengthens endurance and resolve.

Concentration Blend - 10ml
Ingredients:  100% pure essential oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Geranium and Sweet Orange

This blend is ideal for periods of intense concentration, focus and productivity and when you need to remain calm, centred and grounded.  Atlas Cedarwood stills the mind, Geranium balances the mind and moods and Sweet Orange brings joy and uplifts the mind and emotions.


Burn this  blend in the staff room.  Rosewood will have you feeling uplifted, whilst the May Chang is stimulating and the Black Pepper is strengthening.

Any of the above blends can be used in the methods mentioned previously or you might like to make up your own personal blend to address a specific symptom or condition.

To have the "Aromatic Office" in your office give me a call!

NOTE:  Always be sure to read the safety and contra indications for each oil before using.

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