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When I first became aware of essential oils more than  10 years ago I used them because I liked that they were natural and came from nature and also because I enjoyed their individual and synergistic aromas. 

I began reading books about Aromatherapy & Essential oils and  soon realised that they offered so much more than just making a room smell good! I was disillusioned with skincare products on offer at retail  outlets because of the chemicals they contained and I began making for my own (and sometimes family) skincare - facial moisturisers, toners & body products and adding essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. Later came soaps and even one for my beloved dogs.... Sc!arlet and Oliver

I went on to study and achieve a Diploma in Aromatherapy with Robyn Minski (International Academy of Aromatherapy) in 2004.  My main interests in the uses of essential oils include educating people about the therapeutic uses and effects of essential oils - they just don't smell nice! I  produce a range of natural handmade skincare and also offer my clients a personalised products to meet their specific issues from arthritis, to dry skin to colds, flus and so forth. I offer a range of treatments that include massage and facials and I am also particularly interested in the role that essential oils can play in reducing workplace stress and illness

Also on offer are Pamper Days where the guests experience pure relaxation with a 90 minute treatment (see pamper page)

More and more people are looking for a safe and natural alternative to their daily skincare routine and I find that natural products, if used correctly, can be beneficial in helping you treat conditions of not only a physical nature, but also of the mind and spirit.

Since I received my Diploma my interest in this area has increased and this is mostly due to the results I have seen and the feedback I have received from clients when they have used my products and/or treatments. I have also gone on to study Diploma in Essential Oil Therapies for Animals and am very excited... www.good4yourpet.com.au



Hand made natural pillows http://www.kapok.com.au/

FOR THE ANIMALS -  www.animalsaustralia.org; www.good4yourpet.com.au;

STOP FARMING OUR DOGS www.oscarslaw.org




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